2016 Message from the CEO: Riovic’s Commitment to Financial Inclusion

  • by Phiwa Nkambule |
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Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year and wish you a 2016 full of success and prosperity.

2015 was a great year for Riovic. Even though it was our first year we managed to lay down a good foundation and establish our brand as an innovative FinTech startup. We were finalists in the Standard Bank Pathfinders Challenge which also had participants from as far as the UK, we were accepted into Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings’ AlphaCode Club, and we received support from Facebook through FBStart and from IBM through their Global Entrepreneur Programme amongst others. We also got into a collaborative partnership with New Zealand’s P2P insurance company PeerCover and are currently in talks with other leading FinTech and InsurTech companies around the world. We can safely say we are in good hands.

The company is basically starting 2016 on a plain field with a lot of direction and certainty. The final outcome of the year is quite clear to us; we see ourselves becoming a globally recognized FinTech company.

Even though the South African economy is in an unstable condition with the Rand continuously going down we believe that our steps at resisting the effects of the situation will work for us. We plan on expanding to other countries as quickly as possible and have already made arrangements to open up in the UK through Nkambule Limited, a healthcare company I helped found in 2013. These channels will help us access a wider market and a more open and adoptive environment.

Our focus and mission as a company is financial integration and will work diligently in 2016 with the help of our partners and supporters to see to it that the financial disintegration that currently exists is fixed throughout the globe. We will continue to build technological tools and solutions that will enable anybody to access financial services; be it advice, insurance or investments.

We also aim to assist existing institutions by providing them with the tools they need to better serve under-served communities; especially those in the middle class and upper middle class who want to access the services but cannot because they do not have enough.

We are excited about the start of the New Year and we are committed to enjoying it with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Phiwa Nkambule

Co-Founder & CEO

Riovic Corporation