• Data-Driven

    Same value, low premiums

  • Community-Driven

    Same value, low premiums

Awesome Applications & Claims Experience

A simple applications and claims process makes it possible for anyone to initiate the process digitally without the assistance of an agent or broker.

Improved Risk and Claims Assesment

The use of big data, including social media, helps us determine insurance risks and identify outlier claims.

P2P Insurance & Peer Reinsurance

Through P2P insurance you are able to choose the people to pool your risk and premiums with and thereby be protected from high risk and fraudulent individuals.

Invest in Insurance Risks

Riovic provides a platform that connects low premium insurance seekers with people willing to back the risk in exchange for premiums as a return.

Add a new asset class to your portfolio and boost overall risk-adjusted performance. These investments are linked to physical insurance events, uncorrelated with other financial markets.