• Data-Driven

Driver Behaviour Analytics

Our Driver Behaviour Service lets us analyze drivers’ behaviour from vehicle probe data and contextual data. We can analyze driver behaviour such as harsh acceleration and harsh braking, frequent braking, speeding, sharp turn, and so on. We use Hadoop as the back-end infrastructure. Hadoop enables our service to realize high scalability for analyzing big data from vehicle probe data and contextual data.

Predictive Modelling

Predictive modelling is a process used to create a statistical model of future behaviour. Our predictive modelling service makes use of cutting edge technology to develop and deploy predictive models on the cloud. The service involves strong actuarial and mathematical functions for purposes of determining future behaviour.

Crowdfunding Platform

A crowdfunding platform is used to raise risk capital. On the platform different groups of risk capital pools are listed, with risk ratings and expected returns for investors to see. This makes it cheaper to access risk capital than the normal shareholder model since the funders of risks have no equity in the company as a whole but are entitled to underwriting profits.

Invest in Insurance Risks

Riovic provides a platform that connects low premium insurance seekers with people willing to back the risk in exchange for premiums as a return.

Add a new asset class to your portfolio and boost overall risk-adjusted performance. These investments are linked to physical insurance events, uncorrelated with other financial markets.