The Future of Insurance is Hi Tech


Riovic specialises in solutions  for emerging coverage needs in an automated future (4th Industrial Revolution). Insurance will not be the same in an era of driverless cars, smart homes, 3D priniting, massive automation, internet of things, sharing economy and artificial intelligence.

About Riovic

Riovic is an InsurTech (Insurance Technology) company that designs and develops technology solutions to cover new risks emerging in a new digitized world. The company combines the founders’ hi tech background and actuarial, finance and insurance skills.


On Demand Insurance

With the arrival of on demand services like Uber and Airbnb more consumers are becoming users rather than owners of assets. On Demand Insurance allows consumers to purchase protection when they perceive the greatest need.

Neural Network Insurance

Future systems rely on sensors, artificial intelligence and networks. Neural Network Insurance protects such systems against losses resulting from any risks.

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