enabling insurvation

Building a private investor backed insurance industry one block at a time.


The insurance industry's high barriers to entry make it difficult for aspiring players to become major players and for private investors to invest in insurance making it difficult for them to participate and profit from insurance portfolios.

Our solution

Our marketplace provides companies in insurance with cost-efficient access to capital for various needs. These include capital for reinsurance, operations, growth, investment funds and corporate finance transactions.

Reinsurance Collateralization

Our investment marketplace enables companies to develop and list collateralized reinsurance vehicles.

Insurance Securitization

Our investment marketplace enables companies to develop and list securitized insurance vehicles.

Niche Investment Banking

Our marketplace enables companies in raising capital for Private Equity, M&A, LBO, Pre-IPO and SEO transactions.

Issuer Benefits


Access lower cost of capital through off balance-sheet financing through our platform.

Transition from a capital intensive, low growth financial services company to one that creates value primarily by using advanced technologies, data and analytics to become a superior assessor of risks.

Investor Benefits


Securitized insurance is a relatively new asset class uncorrelated to the broader capital markets and economy (low beta). Investors get the ability to invest directly in various classes of insurance risks.

Our platform provides investors with unprecedented risk transparency of underlying insurance risks to make informed investment decisions and to gauge adequacy of risk-adjusted returns.

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